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Wow wow wow! 900 followers, what?!

Honestly, I never thought that I’d get this many followers, heck I was surprised when I got over 50! And I still can’t believe that the last time I did a follow forever, was at the end of July when I had only 300 followers. 600 followers in 2 months?! For me, that’s just incredible! 

Okay, enough about me rambling. Here is my follow forever, and if you’re not following these amazing people, you are truly missing out. I’ve separated these lovely people into groups, because I feel that some deserve a little more “thank yous” than others, I don’t mean to make other people feel left out, so I apologise in advance if anyone feels like they’re left out.

But, before I get onto that, I would just like to thank a very special someone, sarinathecat, for being a lovely and awesome person. Talking to you has been hella rad and I am glad to call you a friend 

 Group One 

In this group are people whose blogs I absolutely adore and love. I may have spoken to you guys on occasion, but, more importantly, you are the ones that inspired me to learn how to make gifs and improve my edits, because I thought yours were amazing and, practically, perfect. So, thank you guys for being here, and inspiring me to do so much more. I, honestly, can’t thank you enough. Keep being awesome, you guys. 

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 Group Two

This group contains people that I enjoy seeing on my dash. I may talk to you guys sometimes, and you are all lovely. I already memorized your urls with your icons in my head, and it makes me happy when you appear on my dash. You guys are hella awesome. So, thank you for making my dash colourful. 

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Group Three

To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to call this group. So, this group is for people who I may have recently followed, and for people who have always been there since the very beginning. I want to thank you guys for that, because you are all lovely and kind. We may not talk much, but you guys are just here, and that’s what matters to me most. 

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Because I am an idiot, I am 110% sure that I forgot people, so please forgive me if you don’t see your name here!

I would also like to thank all of my 900+ followers, even though I don’t follow all of you guys, but without you, I wouldn’t even be here, writing this. So, thank you. And keep being awesome, my friends 

*sends virtual hugs to everyone*

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"Ain’t no party like a bungalow party!"

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The thing Harry Potter will miss most.


We’re here to help you! We’re superheroes! 



churros with dulce de leche and whipped cream

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"It’s choice - not chance - that determines your destiny." - Jean Nidetch

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Seduce me with video game trivia

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